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TMsg Pro Basketball is a game requiring both the TMsg Player Cards and the TMsg Game Management Software. It is designed primarily for the solitaire gamer. You coach both teams. Players perform realistically so that your coaching decisions have the same impact as they do in actual professional basketball games. The TMsg Game Management software takes input from your referrals to the player cards. The software scores and times your games. Since TMsg Pro Basketball is very complex in design, the computer handles duties such as calculating and resolving play results. TMsg Pro Basketball saves statistics generated from your games. Reports are generated in both HTML and text formats. The Card management utility allows you to easily create leagues and teams or transfer players. The TMsg League utility generates reports based on leagues that you have defined.

Version 14.0 is an accumulation of improvents to the game that brings realistic timing and court position into play. Timing is not dependent on the number of action cards left in the dexk or marking off time on a scoresheet.  Even the 24 second clock comes into play in a realistic manner. Those who haven't tried TMsg Basketball lately will see a vast improvement to an already great game.

The full version of the game is an absoluely free download with no strings attached. No adware, no limited functionality, no need to register the game.  

Playing TMsg Pro Basketball

TMsg Pro Basketball is fun and easy to play despite its inner complexity and attention to detail. After starting the Game Management software, pick your teams, lay out the cards to match the lineups that you have selected on the computer, and you're ready to go. Hit the "Start Period" button and the opening tip ensues. You will be directed to either the Floor Action or Floor Defense portion of the card. Draw a random number between 1 and 100 on the computer screen and enter the play result found in the appropriate Floor section. From there the software will display the appropriate menu to complete the play. The Game Management software always guides you through the action and directs you the reading on the player card to consult. A game of smooth flowing and fun basketball can be played in under an hour.

TMsg Player Cards

The TMsg printed player cards are individually cut and are laser printer mastered.  The full-color cards are printed on heavy index stock. The information is logically laid out and easy to read. 2 ¾x 4 ¼ is the standard - sized card. 2 ½" x 3½" cards (smaller) are also available, but require custom printing.  For budget minded PDF images of the cards are available for you to print and cut on your own. You refer to the cards to initiate each play segment and on shots. Other aspects of the game are handled by the computer. The physical aspect of the cards add a dimension that tabletop gamers find missing in computer games.  

TMsg Game Management Software

The logical and easy-to-find menus correspond perfectly to the layout of the cards. Human error is virtually eliminated. Even if a play result entered incorrectly, the TMsg Game Management software includes an undo feature. There is no need to make mental calculations to determine play results. The software handles adjustments to plays such as accounting for home court advantage and other factors that would be cumbersome to calculate on your own or would clutter the player cards. Rebounding is handled completely by your computer. You will be kept abreast of the action with text and sound prompts. Technical fouls, in-game-injuries, and other unusual plays are handled by game management. TMsg Pro Basketball even lets you know how momentum is affecting your team.

The game is timed to the second. The TMsg software handles this for you too. Player status is clearly displayed through color-coded displays of on court and bench players. This allows you to concentrate on the many strategies available in TMsg Pro Basketball. The closing seconds of a game will have you employing timeouts, intentional fouls, quick shots and every strategy available to pull out a win. Added features such as being able to import player pictures add to the fun.


Anything you can do with a set of tabletop game cards can be done in TMsg Pro Basketball. You can make new teams with any of the cards that you own. You can trade, waive, deactivate or add players. You can change the default starting lineups.

Take any team from any season and form a league. You can even change the league structure in the middle of a season and not lose your statistics. it is a completely flexible system. League-wide stats such as standings and league leaders are generated here. The reports are available for viewing and sorting in HTML format or in neatly formatted printer-friendly text reports.



Real time play.  Timing is to the second and not an approximation based on a set number of plays.

Captures the flow and feel of actual pro basketball games.

Coaching decisions have realistic impact  on game results.  Game follows rules of the games' era.

Individual player cards keep you engaged in the action. A must for tabletop gamers.

The computer handles the complicated tasks like timing and  chart referencing.

Ideal for solitaire play. Leisurely play a game in under an hour.

Detailed, yet simple to play.

Realistic, accurate, and FUN. 

All components are of the highest quality.

Designed by a veteran tabletop gamer, programmer, and pro basketball fan.

All NBA / ABA seasons available

Considered by many to be the best basketball coaching sim on the market.